Self Managed Super

Considering a Self Managed Superannuation Fund?

Millions of Australians have taken the step to control their own superannuation and set up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund. From control over finances and investment decisions through to assets and fees, more and more Australians are taking the plunge.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds also offer the advantage of tax strategies that aren’t available in retail funds, but the downside is that they can be complex. However our SMSF solutions provide you with the services and support you need to really ‘self manage’ your fund.

What sets Pinnacle apart with SMSFs

With effective and efficient Self Managed Superannuation Fund administration and compliance services, we ensure you better understand your SMSF and investment choices. Our administration is straightforward, with highly technical superannuation, tax and financial planning advice thrown in as a bonus.

We’re here to help you make the most of what you have today, so that you can have more of it tomorrow.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund services

We take the time to understand your situation, as well as your dreams, goals and aspirations. Working closely with our financial planning team in either our Penrith or Sydney office, we’ll ensure your fund meets the ATO’s strict conditions as well as:

  • Develop a comprehensive superannuation strategy that supports your plan for retirement
  • Establish a new fund (and wind up existing funds, if need be)
  • Provide advice on transferring assets and roll over existing superannuation to your new SMSF
  • Complete and maintain all fund-related documentation
  • Assist fund trustees with any required documentation as required, as well as prepare trustee minutes
  • Prepare and lodge accounting and taxation reports to ensure that all SMSF regulatory requirements are satisfied, including:
    • Business Activity Statements or Instalment Activity Statements as required
    • PAYG Payment Summary Statement and PAYG Payment Summaries as required
    • Annual financial and member statements
    • Income tax returns
  • Provide tax and compliance advice
  • Advise on lump sum calculations for withdrawals and rollovers
  • Liaise with the auditor to arrange the required audit of your annual financial statements.

And if you’re thinking of retirement, we’ll also work with you to develop pre- and post-retirement planning strategies with your fund.

Importantly, we’ll ensure you meet all of your annual reporting requirements, as well as help with any documentation to commence the pension when the time comes.

The advice and support you need to grow your fund

Initial setup and advice

Ensure every detail is processed correctly and meets all legal standards.

Annual Audits

Our expertise ensures that you don’t face any legal or superannuation issues during your mandatory SMSF audit.

End-of-year processing

Simplify your Self Managed Super Fund tax return and ensure that the correct figures are lodged.

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